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fairytale path through a magical forest

wanderly: magical adventures
for curious children

Spark curiosity, confidence and connection through the power of personalized, interactive stories. 

Webster is waving hello

Welcome to Wanderly, the interactive storytelling platform where your child takes center stage! Our AI-powered platform creates a never-ending world of adventures, encouraging your child to embark on a journey filled with diverse characters and experiences, including their very own friends and family.

a young child as a hero

Your child is the hero

a child walking down a path

Choose any story path

a cat detective

Unique characters

a child and grandparent enjoying Anansi together

Include friends and family

a mom reading to her two daughters

Built by a mom

Every story has a beginning...

Wanderly is just getting started! By joining now, you'll add your voice to the group of parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, and loved ones who want to create story experiences with the children in their lives. Get started with 5 free trial stories.


What's it like? 👇

Custom, interactive stories where your child is the hero

"⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My son couldn't put the story down!"

- Sebastian S. - Father of a 10 yo

"So I’m on this 4 hr road trip from Little Rock to Dallas with a 4 yr old and a 7 yr old and Wanderly is the hero and blockbuster hit of this trip. I’ve now used it to tell 5 stories and they keep asking for more." 

- Auntie Camille

"It's really, really compelling. It captured Gideon's attention like few things do, and he was eager to do it for a full hour this morning which is unusual. I think you're onto something real and exciting with this!"

- Joel, Father of 2

a mother and child enjoying reading an Anansi story

Build curiosity, confidence, and a lifelong love of reading

With personalized stories written using Artificial Intelligence, each choice leads to a unique story and outcome. Wanderly's parent-designed content, enhanced by beautiful illustrations, offers a safe and captivating experience to learn. 


Step into the magical world of Wanderly, where every story choice sparks curiosity and nurtures a lifelong love for reading through fun, interactive adventures.

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