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Wanderly creates personalized and interactive stories for every child. As your child chooses what should happen next in the story, Wanderly generates the next page. It's anyone's guess what will happen next!

Your Child

Your Child is the Hero

Just provide your child's name, age, and gender, and Wanderly will create fun, personalized stories using our parent-designed story engine. 

Any stoy path

Choose any story path

At the end of each page, your child can decide what should happen next. Do they want to be brave, creative, kind, or curious? Each story will adapt to their chosen next step, revealing a never-before-seen story line.

Include Friends an Family

Include friends and family

Allow your child to choose a family member or friend to adventure with. The Wanderly story engine will incorporate them into the story with twists, turns, and details about their relationship. Or just choose an imaginary pet from our list of cute preset companions.

Bedtime-story compatible

Need to just get the kids to bed? Wanderly has you covered. On each page, you can opt to end the story after the next choice so you can make sure no one stays up past bedtime. 

Your Child
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Adjustable reading levels

Meet your child at the right reading level. Select the reading level that feels most comfortable for your child, ranging from an early reader to middle-school complexity. Wanderly's stories will adjust to that reading level, and you can always increase the reading level as your child masters new reading skills. 

Any stoy path

Parent-designed content

Wanderly is designed by a parent, meaning we do our best to make sure that each story is engaging and safe. All images are curated by a parent's loving hands, all settings are educational and fun, and story twists still have a soft-landing. 

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