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Create stories with 3 characters, pick locations, and more ✨

Something New has Arrived 🚀

A new version of Wanderly just dropped, and I want you to check out the updates!

In this version, you and your child can:

  • Add up to 3 companions to all stories

  • Name a magical pet

  • Pick a story location or topic for each story

  • Add any type of character to a story (look for “Other”)

Early testers have said that it makes Wanderly stories more exciting and fun, and my daughter has been asking for these features for a while. She gave her first story with this update “all the stars 🤩 ”.

If you’re running out of story credits, every user who shares their Wanderly experience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tags us can receive 10 additional story credits to their account!

Happy reading,


CEO & Founder of Wanderly

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