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Help an Animal + #WanderlyInTheWild

Does your child love lions, llamas, or whale sharks? Wanderly’s new Help an Animal story type immerses your child in the wild and lets them grapple with real-world problem-solving.

With this new story type, your child gets to be a wildlife rescuer and travel the world. See how they choose to tackle challenges like habitat risk or helping an animal get back to their herd. Choose from over 50 animals from the Himalayas to Antarctica.

To celebrate the launch of Help an Animal stories, I’m creating a coupon for first-time subscribers for 1 free month of Premium Wanderly service. Just enter ANIMAL23 in the promo code section of checkout; available to the first 50 accounts to claim it before Oct 15, 2023.


So I’m on this 4 hr road trip from Little Rock to Dallas with a 4 yr old and a 7 yr old and Wanderly is the hero and blockbuster hit of this trip. I’ve now used it to tell 5 stories and they keep asking for more. #WanderlyInTheWild -- Auntie Camille

Want to earn more free stories? Introducing #WanderlyInTheWild: Earn 5 free story credits for posting to Instagram or Twitter with a story about how you used Wanderly!

Just tag @wanderlystories and use the hashtag #WanderlyInTheWild alongside your story. We will feature the best stories in our email newsletters and/or website!

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