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✨🎁 Gift Imagination and Shop Small 🙏

Plus an offer to join the inner circle 🤫

Share the magic of Wanderly's stories with a loved one this holiday season by giving them a Wanderly gift card: 15% OFF for Cyber Monday! and support my small business, too 🙏

Have a loved one traveling with young kids this holiday season, and they could use a few hours of something different to do with the kids? Consider "The Road Trip" gift of 10 stories for a couple hours of enchanting entertainment. Or maybe you want to give a child in your life a "Season of Stories"? There's a 30 stories gift card for that, too.

This is Wanderly's first holiday season, so it would mean the world to me if you shared Wanderly with a friend or family member. Every dollar spent means I get to push Wanderly a little further and show my girls what it means to be a small business owner. 🫶

Wishing you a magical holiday season,


CEO & Founder of Wanderly

🤫 Be part of the inner circle

I'm working on something fun: A mobile app version of Wanderly! I'm hoping it'll be done around the end of the year, give or take a couple of weeks. I'd like to invite a small group of people to give feedback on the pre-launch version, as well as some other new features I'm cooking up. Just email or let me know on the contact page if you'd like to be part of the inner circle.

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